The Ticket is a documentary film that addresses the question “What is school choice?”

School choice is proliferating in the United States, fostering innovations in teaching and advancements in learning. It’s based on a simple premise: No one educational model can possibly serve every kind of student, and so parents and children deserve the freedom to choose the schools that work best for them.

The Ticket takes viewers on a historic whistle stop train tour across the United States, showing different forms of school choice along the way and the children that they serve.

Running time: 38 minutes.

School Choice: The New Consensus that Was Always There

For a long time, different forms of school choice have been seen as having little in common — sometimes rivals.  Organizations dedicated to promoting homeschooling, private scholarships, charter schools, vouchers or online learning have become accustomed to internecine squabbles, and these divisions frequently split public support for the broader cause of educational freedom.

This is starting to change.  The bigger idea is that individual parents should have the power to pick schools, as their motives aren’t marred by job protections, campaign contributions and salary schedules.  Mostly, parents just care about their kids.   And that’s the singular, central premise underpinning all the factions: Power in the hands of parents is healthier than power to a bureaucracy.

That’s why the movements for more charter schools, vouchers, online learning, homeschooling, parent trigger, inter-district choice, and private scholarships are increasingly seen as different faces within a single movement: School Choice.  The Ticket tells the story of this convergence.

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